Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gimme Some Truth - Jakob Dylan (for John McCain)

I do not profess to be a hero, and I do respect the men and women who choose to serve our country and put themselves in harms way.

BUT my frustration over John McCain's abuse of his military record is boiling over into downright anger. How many times did we hear during the Republican Convention that he was a "war hero?" How many times did we hear the story of his capture, torture, bravery, etc? How many times will Sarah Palin say, "he's the only person running for president who truly knows what it means to sacrifice for our country?" And how many GD times have we heard - and will we hear - "Country First."

What a load of crap. Please, read this Rolling Stone story that sheds light on the true military record and experience of John McCain. It's more the story of a mean, bratty Seth Rogen in a uniform than Tom Cruise in TopGun.

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akmcquade said...

My trouble with the argument is the implication that serving in the military is the only way to really serve this country or be a patriot.

Teachers give up robust salaries in other careers to serve the students of this country. Social workers give their time and patience to serve citizens of this country that others have given up on. Crossing guards make it safe for students to cross streets and get to school.

And so on and so on. I'm thankful for all the soldiers who ahve chosen to defend this country. But, I think everyone has their own abilities and strengths. And to imply that their level of service is inferior because they didn't choose to serve in the armed services is insulting.