Sunday, April 13, 2008

Karma Chameleon - Culture Club

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Culture Club - Kar...

I AM ANGELINA JOLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had a deep look into your soul and have realised...

Icon: more criitical conclusions from Intelligent Giving

Buddha are Angelina Jolie

WHOAH THERE! If you're not counselling refugees or pressuring Hollywood producers to finance Ecuadorian co-operatives, you’re signing off charity cheques like so many autograph pads. Unless you’re telling us porkies.

Maybe you should glide by the message board and let us all know how to be glamourous and good all at once.

This from a little thing called Karma Calculator.

Let me just say that I think Angie is the bomb. Brad too. And I am a believer in karma for sure. If you aren't, just think about how happy and healthy the lives of Dick Cheney, Leona Helmsley and Michael Vick were/are.

I hope I can live up to my new found identity.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Born to Fight - Tracy Chapman

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This is a great video of Tracy Chapman singing one of her (many) spectacular songs, "Born to Fight." I was really glad to find this video this weekend, since it is just the anniversary of MLK's murder, the riots in many cities, including DC, etc. This video was taken at a tribute concert to Nelson Mandela, the ultimate fighter.

But what prompted me to find this song was watching the women's NCAA basketball final four earlier tonight. Stanford, sort of a home town team for me, beat the #1 ranked Connecticut Huskies and advanced to the Championship Game. I know most people think of Stanford as an elitist, white, insular place. And there surely is some truth to that description. But it is also a place where athletes, as long as they meet the academic standards to get in (which are not wimpy) can shine.

Think Tiger Woods, Kim Oden, and now, Candice Wiggins. Wiggins is the first four time All-American in the history of Stanford Basketball. She is smart, tough, and an amazing three point shooter. As a former point guard, it is a beautiful thing to watch her leadership, her passing, and her "whatever it takes" spirit. And of course everyone things Geno's Connecticut team is a dynasty. Geno, take that. Go Cardinal.