Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Every Woman - Chaka Khan

I spent half of Friday and most of Saturday at the BlogHer 08 conference. I was definitely not the "prototypical" attendee. I have this pathetic blog, and I post on the GlobalGiving blog every so often, but in general I was there as a partner to the organization, not as a blogger. Ahem, BlogHer.

I came into the office today and about half of the members of our gargantuan team asked me, individually, "how was the BlogHer conference?" And each time I said the same thing - it was fascinating.

And that is what it was.

It was a business conference.
It was a party.
It was sorority.
It was a therapy session.
It was a comedy central special.
It was a drama queen event.
It was a hyper-wired community.
It was the mommy bloggers and the shark advertisers.
It was the netroots and the RNC's digital woman.
It was not very racially or ethnically diverse. Honestly.
It was Wii fitness, Lesbian Dad and the makeover booth.
It was twitter, ustream and blogspot. nonstop.
It was east, south, north, west.
It was lipstick lesbians and white trash moms.
It was fabulous.
It was alive.
It was crazy making.
It was inspiring.
It was fun.

It was every woman.


Melanie K said...

oh dear. i don't fall into the mold at all. not lipstick lesbian. not (i hope!) white trash mom. not *hyper* wired. but it was fun! and great to meet you. I'd heard such nice things :)

Pranayama mama said...

linked to you from melanie . . . i so want to go next year!!!