Sunday, October 21, 2007

Breathe Me (Sia)

It's a Sunday in the fall and I just want to say: I MISS SIX FEET UNDER

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Anyone who was a fan of Six Feet Under will recognize this song immediately. Most of us had never heard it until the final episode, but now it is indelibly branded into our we think of Claire driving away from Los Angeles as the fate of each of the key cast members is revealed to us. I know I was not alone in sitting on my couch with tears streaming down my face. Over a television show, no less. And not even one that had been on the air that long for god's sake!

What was it about Six Feet Under that was so riveting, compelling, emotion-generating? Well, other critics and bloggers before me have tackled that question. And if you think I'm going to put my unsophisticated thoughts up against those who analyzed every episode, every character, every frame of that final sequence you are wrong.

Six Feet Under was not alone in using great music to tell its story. In fact, aside from the series finale, I can't recall the use of music much at all. Not like the mastery of David Chase's use of music in The Sopranos (another post on that one day). But Breathe Me was a perfect choice...haunting and fresh, from a relative unknown artist named Sia.

So, rather than preaching or evaluating, let's just watch (notice she is driving a Prius) :)

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